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Family Fertility Fund of Saskatchewan™

Our next round of applications will be Sept. 1, 2021


Tickets are available at SMP now. You can also email us:
1. etransfer wheelsforwishes@familyfertilityfund.com $40 per ticket
2. answer “WHEELS” (any other answer will be declined and sent back)
3. must include in the memo full name, address, phone number and return email address 
If you can’t fit all the required info in your memo field please send us a separate email to wheelsforwishes@familyfertilityfund.com with the additional information needed! 

We are very excited! 
Thank you for your continued support for those struggling with fertility in our province ❤
Here’s to more “yes’s”, 
Thank you!! 


Tickets are also available with our board members. 

Well! We asked and you answered!

We’re optimistic for the fall so we’ve gone ahead and started planning our 3rd Annual Brunch for Babies Gala for Saskatoon.
Every deposit ticket sold gives us an idea of how big we can go so get yours now. Let’s make up for the cancelled 2020 Gala and make this our best one yet!


50/50 Winners 2021
 We couldn’t believe it! One of the FFFS past recipients won!
Here’s a bit of their story they wished to share:
The fall of 2017 started our fertility journey. After multiple doctor appointments, we were referred to a specialist in early 2018, who then referred us to the fertility clinic. At our first appointment, feeling scared, nervous and a bit excited, it was confirmed that IVF would be our only option to have a biological child. Our fertility doctor explained the IVF process to us; bloodwork, ultrasounds, injections, medications, surgery, embryo transfer, time off from work, the chances of IVF working and finally, the cost. From that day on, we have felt every emotion possible. We later decided on a date, June 2019, to start IVF. We discussed about a few options on how to pay for IVF, but we weren’t ready to share our story. Later, I, Kelsey, came across the Family Fertility Fund of Saskatchewan.
I discovered there is a grant to go towards fertility treatments. We filled out the application and talked about how amazing it would to be chosen. It would be such a relief, as IVF is very costly. Weeks later we were notified that we were chosen for the April 2018 grant. We were excited, hopeful and thankful. Unfortunately, our round of IVF was unsuccessful. We took some time, did some research and made another plan. We were fortunate to be able to go through another round of IVF. We had success with our second embryo transfer from the second round. We are currently expecting our first child this June. 
We hope other families have the chance to receive a grant to help start their family. Again, we would like to thank the Family Fertility Fund with the funds we have received. 
Matt & Kelsey W.
📷: @desireemartinphotography 


We are the first of its kind in Saskatchewan; a charity dedicated to raising funds to ease the financial burden for families building families.

We understand people. We understand finances. We understand infertility and the pain and grief that comes with it. What we don’t understand is the obscene cost of treatment and the lack of support available for families.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to this cause of raising the funds for families to pay for treatment who couldn’t afford it otherwise. No family should be childless because of money.


We fundraise to award $5,000 grants, three times a year, so families can focus on their bodies, health and treatment and avoid the stress of the financial burden.

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    The Family Fertility Fund of Saskatchewan will provide grants to the chosen applicant(s) within the windows of January 1-31, May 1-31, and September 1-30.  
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