We fundraise for families to proceed with fertility treatments whether that’s IVF, IUI or any other manner of specified treatment. We do not discriminate against anyone; we welcome applications from same sex couples to single people wanting the joys of parenting. We offer support to the community through workshops, personal blogs and social media journeys and we offer hope. We provide stories from other people in the community to educate and empower our sisters and brothers as they navigate the beast of infertility.

Our Mission: To ease the financial burden of infertility treatment


Dani Friesen


Dani Friesen is Saskatoon native with a really big heart. She was in the finance sector of the car industry and now the mortgage field. She has seen how financially damaging fertility treatments can be on a family. The FFFS was her idea and she is determined to help as many families as possible.

When she’s not working, you’ll see Dani hosting events for friends and family, swimming in the pool or enjoying quiet time at home with her partner, Toby.

Kelsey Connell


Kelsey Connell is an Ontario transplant who has lived in Saskatchewan for the last ten years. The prairies have won her over and she’s proud to call small town Saskatchewan home. She has an amazing husband, Clayton, a miracle daughter, Claire, four angel babies and a rainbow baby on the way!

When she’s not speaking out about her fertility struggles through her blog; What We Don’t Do, you’ll find her reading, practicing yoga, cooking for friends or running the dirt roads with her daughter.

Wendy Winiewski


Wendy Winiewski is from Southeast Saskatchewan but has called Saskatoon home for more than a decade. After a battle with infertility, she and her husband Lucas received their miracle baby – Aeralyn.

You might recognize Wendy from her days as a news anchor and reporter with Global Saskatoon. While she loved her dream job, she has resigned to take on her newest dream job which is being with Aeralyn. She enjoys family walks or hikes, traveling, gardening, cooking (not baking), summer fishing (not ice fishing) and connecting with others who battle the beast @a.voice.of.infertility on Instagram.

Riley Daku


Another Saskatoon native Riley Daku is FFFS newest board member. Although she loves to travel and explore, Saskatoon will always be home. After completing her degree from Edward School of Business she went on to become a CPA and is currently Director of Operations at YWCA. Over recent years Riley has witnessed friends and family with infertility and the financial burden it places on individuals. She is extremely excited to join FFFS.

When Riley isn’t working she’s outside exploring with her dog and partner Nigel or on a yoga mat.

Kristie Anne MacDonald


Kristie Anne was born in Saskatoon and still calls it home today. In 2017 she convocated from the U of S College of Law and is currently working at McDougall Gauley LLP.

After witnessing friends and family struggle with infertility, Kristie Anne is excited to work with the other women to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

When she’s not working you will find her reading, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Lindsay Dowhay

Board Member

Lindsay Dowhay is originally from Prince Albert and moved to Saskatoon a decade ago to pursue her career in dental hygiene.

She’s been married to her husband Justin for 7.5 years and together they have two sons: a five year old and an almost two year old.

She’s been a huge advocate for miscarriages and infertility awareness since she struggled with recurrent miscarriages in 2016. She attended our gala last year and has been a huge support ever since.

She created The Bleeding Heart Project, an initiative to raise a FFFS $5,000 grant for couples with infertility through her creativity and love for painting.

When she’s not working or kicking ass for our community, you’ll find her painting, doing yoga, attending concerts, dancing, or doing what she loves most: spending time with her three guys and their black lab Toka.