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The Five Best Ways to Support Someone’s Pregnancy After She’s Miscarried

Miscarriages are never easy. Whether it’s a chemical miscarriage or a late miscarriage, the pain can be equal: it’s devastating and heartbreaking. Perinatal losses aren’t talked about as much as baby loss and it’s because we have this cultural narrative ingrained in us that says, “don’t announce your pregnancy until 12 weeks” and “miscarriages are quite common” (so therefore your ... READ MORE

The End of a Chapter: Saying Goodbye to My Infertility Story

Dear loyal readers, followers, supporters, sharers and more, It’s been one heck of a ride since starting this blog. I’ve been on the radio twice and the national online news once and it’s been thrilling. When I began blogging, my intention was never to share my struggles with my infertility and miscarriages. It just so happened that one day I felt compelled to share an experience with you a ... READ MORE

The Birth of A Monumental Idea

When I wrote a blog post about a past miscarriage in the early days of my blogging career, I had no idea the response I would receive. CBC radio asked me to come on air and discuss my fertility and miscarriage and even added an article for their online content. CBC National picked up that online article and from there the views on my blog soared, the messages poured in and beau ... READ MORE

The Decision to Share

We entered the infertility journey silent, scared, and alone. After struggling in seclusion with the weight of it hanging over us for more than a year, we finally began opening up. Slowly we told a few friends and some close family members. In some we found strength, in others, we were disappointed. Once we conceived, announcing our pregnancy without giving a voice to the struggle seemed like an ... READ MORE