1 in 6 Canadians are affected by infertility.

There’s a high likelihood that someone you know is suffering, perhaps in silence or outwardly. You can help support them in numerous ways: We originally give the Rose Grant in December but a lack of funds due to Covid had us reconsidering how many applications we have to deny around the holidays. There’s so many applicants and so little money now. Similarly, it hurts our applicants deeply and hurts us as well. Therefore we are shifting our Grant application months to January, May and September. Because we’ve just made this decision in February we will do a one time April grant with an application window of March 1-31. Our application schedule will be May 1-31 for submission for the June grant and Sept 1-30 for the October grant.

Thank you for your understanding

  • Be a shoulder for them to lean on. Words aren’t necessary when your loved one needs to cry or vent. Just listen and console.
  • Bring meals during the hard times. When treatments fail or miscarriages happen, the grief is overwhelming and cooking meals is the last thing they want to think about.
  • Acknowledge their losses. An angel baby is just as loved as a living baby. Honour baby on holidays and important anniversaries, especially Mother’s Day.
  • Educate yourself. Infertility is classified as a disease.
  • Read the blogs and the articles to better understand your loved one especially when they may not have the words to articulate what they are going through. Infertility blogs and articles will help you and show that you care and are willing to be there.
  • Check in. Ask about treatments. Ask how they are doing. There’s nothing worse than people ignoring the infertility and its challenges.


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